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Search Engine Optimization Add-in

We have released a Microsoft Expression Web Add-in that helps you to perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your websites. SEO is a complicated task, but this add-in is designed to help you better optimize your site. Currently the addin allows you to create an XML sitemap. Sitemaps allow search engines to know where every page on your site is located. This in turn allows the search engines to more easily index your site. 

Adding simple frames to images

Microsoft Expression Web makes adding images simple. Along with this it also makes it easy to edit cascading style sheets. Because of this, Expression Web makes it very easy to add a little spice to your web pages with fun picture borders. You can make pictures look like their framed, make them look like buttons, or make cut out marks around your images. Here are the step by step instructions to make some fabulous effects with your pictures.

Add New Page

Insert a picture:

Adding Pictures To a Web page

This tutorial explains how you can use Microsoft Expression Web to add pictures to a web page. First lets create a blank web document. Open Expression Web, then choose File -> New -> HTML Page from the menu bar. If you are not in design mode select View -> Page -> Design from the menu bar.

Insert a Picture

Creating Interactive Buttons

One of the fun things many websites have are neat looking
buttons that change as you move your mouse over them. In the past you had to
write a lot of HTML and javascript to add something like this to a site. Now,
as this tutorial will demonstrate, Microsoft Expression Web has made it easy
for us to create this interactive buttons.

Understanding CSS and Attaching Style Sheets

Anyone who is serious about web development depends heavily
on cascading style sheets (CSS). This Expression Web tutorial will explain in
detail how we can use style sheets in our websites. Microsoft Expression Web
does a great job handling CSS. Style sheets allow you to specify how any object
on a page should be displayed. They allow you to do simple things such as
setting all your heading (h1) tags to a certain size and color. They also allow
you to do more complex things such as positioning a layer in a certain spot on

the page.

Microsoft Expression Web Beginners Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to create your first site using
Microsoft Expression Web. If you are new to web development or even if you are
new to Microsoft Expression Web, you probably are a little overwhelmed when you
start the Expression Web program. There are a ton of choices.

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